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Women’s History Month

March 2, 2023

In honor of Women’s History Month, get to know the Women at Clements Fluids and what motivates them to unearth their potential as a woman in the workforce!

Kylee Harper

National Account Manager

Kylee is one of our National Account Managers. If she could give advice to her younger self it would be that she is worthy, smart, and of high value, so don’t rush anything because time goes by too fast! When asked for advice for young women in the workforce she said, “Self-respect, self-discipline, will show in your degree of self-confidence, let that shine in everything you do. Your presence alone should loudly show who you are and who you are not.” We are grateful for Kylee’s drive to improve herself and the company!

Taylor Balcazar

Customer Engagement Representative

Taylor is a Customer Engagement Representative with Clements Fluids. Taylor’s biggest female influence is her grandmother. She taught her that no matter how hard life gets, surround yourself with friends and family and love unconditionally. One piece of advice Taylor wishes that she would have made prevalent is Romans 8:18 “I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us.” We are grateful for Taylor and the impact she has on those around her!

Kim Addison

Outside Sale Representative

Kim is our Outside Sales Representative. She believes in empowering others through encouraging words and prayer! Advice Kim would give her younger self or any woman entering the workforce would be
that “Integrity and building lasting relationships with your customers, coworkers and bosses is everything! People will not remember you but how you made them feel. Sometimes it is the smallest act of kindness
that helps a person get over the struggle they are facing.” We are thankful for Kim and her drive to exceed the expectations of our customers and team!

Cathy Jones

Customer Engagement Representative

Cathy is our Customer Engagement Representative. She empowers herself and others through conversation, asking questions and being open to their thought process. Cathy’s biggest female influence is a former manager, Carrol Wade. She taught her what it means to be intentional with relationships with your co-workers and customers, by listening and showing compassion. She also learned how to take
constructive criticism with a growth mindset, always using it as a way to grow and improve. We are grateful for Cathy for delivering excellence to our customers and team!

Hope Lawrence

Staff Catalyst

Hope is our Staff Catalyst. Hope’s biggest female influence is her mother. Hope said, “My mother has always been everyone’s first call. No matter the situation, she always gave me strong advice, remained true to her faith, and spoke truth in love. I hope that one day I can be half the woman she is.” The best work advice Hope has received is to bring those alongside you during your journey, otherwise you’re
robbing them of the chance to grow. We are thankful for Hope’s passion and dedication to our mission at Clements Fluids!

Whitney Ward


Whitney is part of our Management Team in Tyler, Texas. Advice she has for women entering the workforce is, “Don’t ever stop learning and asking questions. Be willing to listen and take advice from mentors and people you trust!” Whitney’s biggest female influence is her mom who graduated nursing school at age 50. Whitney said, “She didn’t let society, her age, or anyone tell her she couldn’t do something just because she didn’t take the typical path.” We are grateful for Whitney and dedication to our customers and team!

Kara Myers

Recruitment Manager

Kara is our Recruitment Manager. Kara empowers herself and others by speaking up and encouraging others to do the same. She believes that challenging conversations foster the most growth! If Kara could
go back and tell her younger self one thing it would be to keep setting goals! The best work-related advice Kara received is, “Do the hard thing, even when the wrong this may be easier. You learn the most in the journey.” We are grateful for Kara and the way she challenges herself and others to help the company grow!

Stephanie Cast

Customer Engagement Representative

Stephanie is our Customer Engagement Representative. She believes that God makes each of our pieces fit our own puzzle and no one else’s. Stephanie empowers herself and other women by her tenacious mindset to accomplish at least the smallest task to keep moving forward. Stephanie’s biggest female influence is Pamela Davis. Stephanie said, “She taught me the art of challenges, and how they help us grow and become the best version of ourselves.” We are thankful for Stephanie and her winning spirit!

Katrina Capelo


Katrina is our Chief Financial Officer. The best work-related advice she has received is to “Always hire people smarter than you!” Her biggest female influence is her mom who taught her to face things head- on, stand up for what she believes in, and to always be herself! Katrina empowers those around her by being passionate about what she does and believes that if she leads by example every day, she can create an environment for others to want to be better also. We are grateful for Katrina and her hard work to help us reach limitless potential!

Anicia Sturgill

AP/AR Specialist

Anicia is our AP/AR Specialist. If she could give her younger self one piece of advice it would be, “Don’t be afraid, just do it.” Anicia empowers her female coworkers by helping, praise, and a listening ear to those around her! Her biggest female influence is her mother who taught her to never stop learning and to try new things! Anicia has career goals to continue growing, learning, and making a difference in what she does! We are grateful for Anicia and all the does to help others fulfill their God-given potential!

Megan DiCenzo

Ticket Runner

Megan is our Ticket Runner in Midland Texas. If she could go back and tell her younger self one thing it would be to see obstacles as chances for opportunity! Megan’s female influence was a high school science teacher who inspired her to believe she had the ability to be a highly successful leader. Megan empowers herself and others through an optimistic mindset, and believing she does her best each day. We are thankful for Megan who helps us impact the lives of every person and every well we encounter!

Sally Lawler

AP Specialist

Sally is an Accounts Payable Specialist. Her biggest female influence is Sally Ride because as a child she learned her story of being the first woman astronaut which inspired her to do any job she wanted to!
Sally wishes she could tell her younger self that “You must take care of yourself, then you can take care of others.” Advice for anyone in the workforce is to always put in 100%, being early is on time, and to
leave work at work! We are blessed by Sally and her commitment to excellence!

Shaylee Welsh


Shaylee Welsh is our Recruiter. Her best work-related advice is that “Your happiness comes first, and don’t let fear paralyze your success!” She empowers her team by giving thoughtful feedback and pushing
for positivity and self-growth of others. Shaylee advises other young women “Find a good mentor, seek feedback from those around you, and work on your network!” We are thankful for Shaylee as she
demonstrates excellence by following through on her commitments!

Alicia Tujilio

Customer Engagement Representative

Alicia is a Customer Engagement Representative! If she could go back and tell her younger self one thing, it would be to, “Slow down and enjoy the moment!” Alicia believes that confidence is key. She says
everyone makes mistakes, but it’s how you grow and learn from those mistakes that really matter! Her biggest female influence is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Alicia shared that, “She taught me that age, race,
and gender doesn’t determine what is on the inside nor does it stop you from making an impact.” We are thankful for Alicia and the authentic relationships she builds!

Megan Tarrant


Megan is our CEO. Advice she has for young women entering the workforce is that, “The sky is the limit. The more you are comfortable in your own skin, the more powerful you can be. Pray to the Lord to
show you your unique gifts and help you discover your why. Once you know this, your work and life will be much more meaningful.” Megan believes relying on your personal walk with the Lord is a must, and
nothing replaces the affirmation you get from your Heavenly Father. Her biggest female influence is Carrie-Ann Jasper Yearty, who taught her the importance of abiding in Him before putting anything into
action. We are thankful for Megan and her purposeful faith and leadership!