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Uplift | Prepare for Payday

We provide fluid for all situations the customer may encounter to help them achieve a successful project and uplift and unleash the full potential of their wells
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If you are in need of clear brine fluids as an additive for building your oil-based mud or HP brine as drilling fluid or using brine fluids for displacing cement, Clements Fluids offers six (6) varieties of clear brine fluids at our facilities across Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. 

Products and Services We Offer:
Products and Services We Offer:


Our technical experts can help you select the best fluids for all your toe-preps,fracs and drillouts


Whether you need solids free low cost fluid or a high density kill fluid to control and protect the formation, Clements Fluids specializes in providing high quality, clear fluid to meet your every need.

Products and Services We Offer: