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Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence and Dedication

February 26, 2024

Jay Mason recently celebrated his 20th anniversary with Clements Fluids. Jay’s commitment to his work, his coworkers, and our company values are inspiring. From going above and beyond for customers to mentoring and supporting his coworkers, Jay embodies the essence of a true leader and team player.

positive impact

Over the last 20 years, Jay has proven to be steadfast, loyal, dependable, compassionate, caring, and competitive. Jay’s impact extends beyond just his work duties; his impact is not measured solely by his individual achievements but rather by the positive ripple effect he creates within Clements Fluids. His genuine care for others and his unwavering dedication to excellence inspire us all and remind us of the profound impact of kindness, compassion, and dedication in living out the value of relationships.


Jay’s mentorship and example have been instrumental in the growth and success of Clements Fluids. His legacy of outstanding customer service and unwavering dedication will continue to inspire and guide us for years to come. Thank you, Jay Mason, for your 20 years of service and for being a shining example of purposeful discipline in the workplace.