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Now, we get to see our hard work pay off. Throughout the life of the well we’ll partner with the operator and provide custom fluid solutions for workover, recompletions, and plug and abandonments.
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At this point, as your well begins to flowback and reach its maximum potential, we’ll provide the operator with the chemical additives necessary to protect your wellbore and wellhead, as well as surface equipment and facilities.

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During the life of the well there will be times when workovers/interventions are necessary. From installing production tubing or artificial lift equipment, to repairing downhole failures, we are here to provide you the custom fluids solutions you need to ensure a successful workover operation.

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Have a sensitive payzone?

Learn more about our non-damaging Salt System.
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When the well has reached its economic limit. It’s time to make a decision to either re-complete the well or P&A the well. Once you’ve evaluated the well, we can help you with your re-completion or P&A needs. 

Plug and

Once the well has fallen below its economic limit and all workover and re-completion opportunities have been exhausted, it’s time to plug and abandon the well. We’ll partner with the operator to provide custom fluids solutions to ensure the P&A operation adheres to the regulatory and environmental standards of the region.

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