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Success Under Pressure: Exploring the Clements Carbo System

November 10, 2021

Regardless of the job, we're focused on the bigger picture for our customers and their oil rigs.

Throughout the life of the well, there are times when workovers or re-completions may be necessary but seem impossible due to lost circulation. Clements Fluids developed their Carbo System to address loss circulation problems in wells that previously had no other options.

Nothing is worse than knowing your well has more reserves to produce, but loss circulation causes low pressure and the need for re-completions. The Clements Fluids Carbo System is the solution to this problem. Let's explore how it works.

Much like our Salt System, which we explored in another Insight, the Carbo System is a customized way of blocking areas of loss circulation to get your operation back on track. It’s a system typically created for workovers and re-completions when circulation cannot be established or the zones are at risk of being watered out. Using the Carbo System to pump at the beginning of a project or whenever encountering loss circulation will create a barrier that blocks off any “thief” zones, allowing you to move forward with the project.

Our drill fluid works because it’s customized for any region or situation. No two solutions are alike. We’ll mix on-site, analyzing the formations and loss circulation to ensure we’re getting it right for your well. And, unlike other chemical treatments, where the solution is pumped into the ground formation, we’ll return the mixture to the surface so we can tell exactly what sort of loss we’re encountering. It’s a much more accurate, effective solution.

When it comes to lost circulation, the cost of not doing anything can be incredibly costly for your workover. Sure, it’s not exactly cheap to treat loss circulation—we won’t cut corners or skimp on attention to detail in matters as important as this—but our Carbo System is developed for the long-term to maximize your well’s output. In fact, we’ve saved our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years by addressing loss circulation head-on and effectively, allowing them tohave a successful workover or recompletion.

So, ask yourself what you want from the project.

Do you want to save money up-front with the risk of lost circulation that results in an unsuccessful job? Or, do you want to address and eliminate loss circulation as soon as possible, setting yourself up with the best chances of a successful project? If you’re looking for the latter, ask one of our representatives how the Clements Fluids Carbo System can set you and your well up for success.