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Exploring Water Based Muds vs. Oil Based Muds

November 10, 2021

From plan to plug, Clements Fluids delivers the most comprehensive fluid solutions while protecting the longevity of the well.

The right drilling mud is crucial for an operation to run smoothly, and can keep the wellbore clean while avoiding damage to the formation.

Although oil-based muds have been an industry standard, water-based alternatives have gained popularity over the years due to economical and environmental concerns. We have the ability to provide standard and customized water-based mud solutions (product page link) and programs to help you unleash the full potential of your drilling program. 

Besides the high upfront costs of oil-based mud compared to water-based mud, water-based mud is easier to maintain and will condition on location with the proper mud program. In addition, water-based mud can be more cost-effective when paired with buy-back policies from a local mud company, such as Clements Fluids.

When To Use Water-Based Mud

Many geographic areas restrict the use of oil-based muds because of the environmental impact.

In this case, your only option is to use a water-based alternative. However, that doesn’t mean

that you should sacrifice performance. With a properly designed mud program, water-based muds are just as effective. Clements Fluids can help with the process and determining which one is best for you.(Support or contact link)

Water-based mud is the economical choice in mud selection. However, you may consider using water-based mud due to particular formations encountered during the drilling phase and in loss circulation zones. With over 35 years of experience, rely on Clements Fluids to help you unleash the full potentials of your wells.

Our team of custom fluids specialists can meet your water-based mud requirements and have the mud on location when you need it. Clement Fluids also provides additional products and services including, but not limited to, mud program designs and recommendations, mixing plants, clear-fluid and dry product additives, mud engineering services, technical and engineering support to get the job well done. 

Clements Fluids has expanded its locations across Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma to readily serve you no matter the basin or formation. Call today and talk to one of our fluid specialists to unearth how water-based mud can benefit you and your well.