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Unearth | A Solid Foundation

It all starts here. We’ll do everything necessary to ensure your well is stable, secure, and productive from stub.
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It’s critical to maintain well stability, even at its shallowest depth. At this stage, you will be passing through sensitive zones and we can help plan for and provide the most effective and appropriate fluids to keep the drilling process moving forward.

Products and Services We Offer:
Products and Services We Offer:


Now that things are heating up, literally and figuratively, you drill deeper. Special attention will be needed to fracture gradients, formation stability, and overpressured or low-pressure zones, all while drilling ahead at the optimal rate of penetration.


Now you have reached your target interval and are on the way to TD. Experience and knowledge will be needed to ensure the payzone is not damaged with improper mud all while maintaining an optimal ROP.

Products and Services We Offer:

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