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Uplift | Prepare for Payday

It’s time to set up your well for success, maximizing output and opportunities, while maintaining efficiency throughout the completion process.
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To get things started, we’ll fulfill all of your fluid requirements and needs during the pre-frac stage and the toe-prep stage.

Products and Services We Offer:
Products and Services We Offer:


Now that it’s time to frac the well, we can provide clear fluids and specialty additives during the process to ensure the payzone is efficiently and effectively treated to maximize production.


Now that the fracing is complete, its time to drill out the plugs and ensure the wellbore is clear of debris so that the well can flowback and produce at its maximum potential.

Products and Services We Offer:

Low-Pressure/Loss-Circulation? No Problem.

Our Salt System was designed to be a non-damaging drilling system to maintain your well’s production integrity and stability.